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Private Coaching in Marbella

Helens sessions incorporate a training philosophy that embraces the ethos of the athlete’s approach.

Sessions will include the specific intensity and structure to support your ability and body composition goals.

You will be guided with specific lifestyle and nutrition principles that will complement your training and improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

A combination of techniques will be used, including resistance, body weight and pilates, to build a strong, lean and athletic body.

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Private Coaching Online

This is the same private coaching offered in person, with the only difference being that it’s now delivered directly to you.

Whether you are working from home, travelling for business or looking for a time-efficient program that will enable you to train without the commute to the gym.

You will receive advice on the minimal equipment that you will need to support your fitness levels and body composition goals.

All you need is a small space and an hour of your day.

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Pilates emphasizes core strength, functional movement and body alignment.

Helen studied to become a mat Pilates instructor after suffering a disc herniation; High-quality movement through Pilates transforms flexibility and aids recovery. Through this unique experience, Helen now has a particular interest in spinal rehabilitation, general back care, and injury rehabilitation, helping clients return to optimal fitness.

You will learn movement strategies and feel more confident moving your body in a way that supports your wellness, strength, and postural goals.

Sessions can take place virtually or in-person in Marbella. No equipment is required.

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" Helen gives great fitness and food inspiration and encourages you every single step of the way. To get the body you are happy with it's about learning to change how you think about yourself and what you eat. "
Anya Marco-Harris