Helen is a personal trainer, nutritionist and athlete based in Marbella working internationally with men and women of all ages.

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Helen Turrell is a personal trainer, nutritionist and health and wellness researcher based in Marbella.

Since qualifying in London sixteen years ago in exercise physiology and nutrition she has moved to Spain, going on to study Pilates in Marbella, where she is based at present

Helen provides coaching to improve performance, body composition, and disease recovery and prevention.

She offers training sessions in person in Marbella as well as one-to-one coaching via video link world wide.

Using her experience, research, and knowledge she will empower you to achieve your highest level of wellness and performance.

" My fitness levels and body shape improved dramatically and very quickly and remained for the entire time that I trained with her. Helen is someone who listens to what YOU want to achieve and what body shape YOU would like to have, irrespective of what her own ideal may be. In the 18 months that I trained with her, I can honestly say that it felt like every single session had thought and planning behind it - there was never any complacency. She's definitely not your average personal trainer and I can wholeheartedly say that I got lucky when I found her. "
Juana Leacock

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